EMS World Expo 2014- Moulage Concepts Assistant

Hello readers! I was invited to attend the largest EMS conference in North America, EMS World Expo! I was actually asked to attend by Bobbie Merica, she is the creator and owner of Moulage Concepts! I was only able to attend two days, but let me tell you, I learned more about the real world… Continue reading EMS World Expo 2014- Moulage Concepts Assistant


Enjoy the Little Things in Life

Hello lovely readers! I have been very inspired lately, by the simplest of things. I went on a little walk the other day and decided to take some photos. These are all just examples of the simple beauty you can find in things you see daily. Why does everything have to be so complex? I… Continue reading Enjoy the Little Things in Life

Nutritious & Delicious Homemade Juice Recipe

Hello lovelies! Today I am going to show you how to ¬†make this super easy, yummy, AND healthy juice. Enjoy! First step is to choose a leafy green base, I always reach for spinach. Then just choose as many or as few fresh/frozen fruits as you heart desires.¬† As you can see, I chose a… Continue reading Nutritious & Delicious Homemade Juice Recipe