My Breakfast December 30, 2014

Well hello again! Today I am just going to share what I had for breakfast. If you want me to do more things like this, then just let me know! Let's get started! I first started my morning off with a fruit salad that had grapes, strawberries, and pears. Yum! After about an hour of… Continue reading My Breakfast December 30, 2014


New Year’s Eve Makeup Look

Hello readers! As you may have guessed from the title, I am going to show you how to create a fun New Year's look with a dash of color! Let's get started. Step One:  The first thing to do is prime your face and eyelids. I used a redness correction primer from L'Oreal mixed with… Continue reading New Year’s Eve Makeup Look

Savannah, Georgia for Christmas!

                              Good evening my darlings! As you probably know, it is the holiday season, and my parents and I went to Savannah, Georgia for Christmas this year. My brother lives close to the Savannah area, so we stayed with him and… Continue reading Savannah, Georgia for Christmas!