What I Eat in a Day, Vegan: Granada, Nicaragua 


Hey guys! I just wanted to share a quick post. I am getting back into the groove of things, and I have so many things I want to write about. For today I just wanted to share a What I Eat in a Day while in Nicaragua! 

Breakfast! Can we just take a second for this plate of fruit😻 I had this huge plate of rainbow abundance for breakfast. So sweet, so juicy. 

For lunch, I made my sister in law some pasta salad. If you want a recipe on this, let me know! It’s so tasty and refreshing. I just had a small bowl with some lime and passionfruit juice. 

For an early dinner, I had this beautiful salad from a restaurant up the street from the house. It’s literally labeled as the avocado salad, it did not disappoint! I had it  as a meal with some fries on the side. I am still dreaming about it every night. Sorry 🤷🏼‍♀️

Last, but certainly not least! You know when you just hit a certain time of the month, and you just really need some chocolate? Girls, yes. I got this chocolate soymilk, and OMG I don’t know why it was so good… but it was. 10/10. 
Okay guys! That’s all I have for today, I just wanted to give a little insight of what’s to come🙈 Keep an eye out for a lot of posts coming up, I’m so excited. Maybe a video(?) 




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  1. I am always so keen to try out the vegan lifestyle, just don’t think I could maintain it! All this food looks so yummy! x

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  2. Omgoodness! You are in the country where my in laws are from! I’m so jealous! I haven’t had the chance to visit yet but my daughter is Nicaraguan so I’m hoping to be able to take her soon!

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    1. ModMali says:

      Ahhh!! That’s amazing! I was actually visiting my niece!!

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      1. Aww cute! I hope you enjoyed your time!

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