Hey angels! I feel like we all wear jeans at some point or another, so I wanted to share some of my denim styling hacks. Whether you're looking for new ways to wear your favorite jeans, or maybe you're panicking because they've ripped in an... inconvenient place. I hope that you find this helpful, and… Continue reading HOW TO STYLE DENIM// STYLE HACKS


Vacation Staples: Makeup Brushes

Hey guys! So today I just wanted to share my favorite makeup brushes for traveling. I will explain what I use each brush for, let's get into it! So here are my face brushes! Starting from the left, my foundation/concealer brush. I honestly don't remember where this is from, but I love using it while… Continue reading Vacation Staples: Makeup Brushes

6 Vacation Staples: Fashion

Hey guys! So today I just wanted to share with you guys my favorite pieces for warm weather vacations. I am going to do a few other posts like this in different categories, so stay in the loop by clicking that follow button! 1. A bodycon midi dress! My first go-to is a midi dress,… Continue reading 6 Vacation Staples: Fashion